Week #3 Assignment: Create Blog Posts

Assignment: Create 2 Blog Posts
Points: 2o

For the next few weeks, you will be required to create 2 blog posts per week.

Posts must include the following:
Photo (must be either 200px/medium-size and justified-left or 400px/large-size and centered)
Be at least 4 sentances long and aligned to the left
A Link (opening in new window)

You can blog about anything you want! Make it “conversational” as if you were just talking to someone but proper capitalization and punctuation are required.

IMPORTANT: Add a link to your blog in the “comments” section of this post by the end-of-class on Friday. Include your Name and Blog URL (example: Wil Thomas, https://madacadweb.wordpress.com).

I will post a new “Weekly Assignment” post each week to remind you but YOU are responsible for remembering to turn in your assignment.


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