Creating a New Website: The Process

Here’s a simple breakdown of the process to create a new website:

1. Pre-Planning — Who is your audience? What is your message?

2. Create a Sitemap — Decide what pages you need and how they will link to each other.

3. Sketch out a Wireframe — Decide what elements will go where on the Home page and key internal pages.

4. Decide on a style Plan out  text/link and highlight colors, choose fonts (web safe or @font-face), font sizes, backgrounds, etc.

5. Collect site “Assets” — Images, logos, text, icons, etc.

6. Design layout in Photoshop — Design and then “chop up” (I don’t mean Slices!!!) the doc for the elements you will need for the website.

7. Setup Web Hosting and Domain Name

8. Start programming!


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