Relevant Terms


Can you feel a quiz coming in your near future???

This is the “address” of your website (exp. You buy a domain name from a domain registry company (GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.) for a period of 1 to 10 years typically.

Hosting / Host Server:
This is where your website files are kept so that they can be accessed via the internet by web browsers. You need to purchase BOTH a domain name and web hosting for a website. This can be either with the same company as the domain name or separate company altogether. Terms are typically 1 to 5 years. Costs vary greatly, but you should be able to get a domain name and basic hosting for about $10/month.

Short for File Transfer Protocol, FTP is the most common method used to download files from a host server or upload file to a host server using the internet. This is how you will add your website files to to the host server.

FTP Client:
A program that performs the FTP function. Adobe Dreamweaver is both a programming tool as well as a FTP client. Other programs, such as FileZilla, just perform FTP.

Local / Remote:
The website files on YOUR COMPUTER are “local”. The files located on your HOSTING SERVER are “remote”.

Web Browser:
The software you use to access online content. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are all examples of web browser programs. It’s important to make sure your web browser is automatically updating to the most current version available since older browsers are often unable to display design elements that new programming code provides.


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