Contact Form

html-contact-formThe example we are using in class is simplest of contact forms. We are using this so you understand the basic concept of form action, input fields, and submit. DOWNLOAD FILES.

Coding from scratch a “modern” contact form is beyond the scope of an intro web design class. Why? 2 main reasons: Spam Prevention and Validation.

Spam Prevention
The basic form does not offer any CAPTCHA to protect your email inbox from spam. Spam Bots will eventually find your form and start submitting ads for Canadian Pharmacies, Obscure Dating Sites and other useless crud. Adding CAPTCHA to a form requires more extensive programming knowledge.

“Valadating” a field means you want to require that certain fields are filled out or the form will not submit. This is done using javascript, and again, is beyond the scope of this class.

1. You can use and customize a free, pre-coded form such as this one.
2. Setup a free JotForm account, design your own form using their WYSIWYG tool and embed the form on your website.

If you would like to attempt to substitute one of the above options for the basic contact form in your website, serious extra points will be awarded!


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