Spring Showcase

Attendance at the MAD Spring Showcase, Friday, May 31st, @ 6pm is MANDATORY.

You will be required to sign in when you arrive and will receive 50 points toward your overall grade.


Website Projects Due

Monday, May 6th: Your websites are due by the end of class — NO EXCEPTIONS! Add a link to your blog URL in the “comments” section of this post. These are worth 500 points!

Minimum of 4 pages: Home, About, Gallery and Contact (You can “name” the pages whatever you wish)

Make sure you have the following requirements:

Title and Meta tags on each page.

6 correctly sized photos in the gallery.

Contact form.

Unique current page nav link color.

The nav link font sizes are the same. The body link font sizes are the same. (active, visited and hover)

Color for active and visited links are matched. Unique color for the hover.

Centered container div, proper div margins and padding, proper div heights and widths.

Some sidebar content (text or image) on inner pages.

Set font size and color for <h1> and <h2> tags in CSS.

All files and images are named in lowercase.

Organized HTML code with element indentation and an organized CSS.

Week #8 Assignment: Create Blog Post

Assignment: Create Blog Post (just 1 this week)
Points: 20

This is a PASS or FAIL assignment. You must have all of the following elements in your posts or you will receive 0 points!

IMPORTANT: This is a “homework” assignment meaning you cannot work on it during class!!!

Post must include ALL of the following:
Either: Embedded Youtube Video (Set to 400px wide and centered) OR Photo (Set to 200px/aligned left or 400px/aligned center)
Be at least 4 sentences long and aligned to the left
Link (opening in new window!!!)

Proper capitalization and punctuation are required.

Add a link to your blog URL in the “comments” section of this post by the end-of-class on FRIDAY (example: Wil Thomas, https://madacadweb.wordpress.com/mypost/).

Class Project #2: Website Home Page Design


Website Home Page Design
Due Tuesday, March 5th
100 Points

The Breakdown:

Layout your website home page design using the PSD template. Add colors, logo, text and images.
(Max points: 50pt)

Overall design aesthetics (look it up if you don’t know what it means).
(Max points: 40pt)

Create a jpg (saved for web and devices).
Upload to your WordPress blog media library.
Add a link to your jpg in the comments of this post along with your name.
(Max points: 10pt)