Awareness Campaign Project

Your final projects are due Thursday, May 30th at 4pm!

Make sure to review the grading rubric.


Deadlines This Week

1. Tuesday, April 30th: You must have your SBCC Pipeline username and password and successfully login to the hosting. 20 points.

2. Wednesday, May 1st: Finish Contact page. Go here to get the file and code you need.

3. Friday, May 3rd: Finish Gallery page. Go here to get the files and code you need.

Prepare at least 6 images that are 586px wide. The images can be as tall as you want but all the images must have the same height.

4. Monday, May 6th: Your websites are due by the end of class — NO EXCEPTIONS! These are worth 500 points!

Minimum of 4 pages: Home, About, Gallery and Contact (You can “name” the pages whatever yo wish)

Make sure you have the following requirements:

Title and Meta tags on each page.

6 correctly sized photos in the gallery.

Contact form.

Unique current page nav link color.

The nav link font sizes are the same. The body link font sizes are the same. (active, visited and hover)

Color for active and visited links are matched. Unique color for the hover.

Centered container div, proper div margins and padding, proper div heights and widths.

Some sidebar content (text or image) on inner pages.

Set font size and color for <h1> and <h2> tags in CSS.

All files and images are named in lowercase.

Organized HTML code with element indentation and an organized CSS.

Class Project #1: Create Personal Blog

Assignment: Create Personal Blog
Points: 100

The Breakdown:

Setup account, select theme, setup User “about” info with Avatar, create site title and tagline, cleanup Dashboard display, settings (media, reading, discussion).
(Max points: 50pt)

Create and add custom header in the correct size to your theme’s requirement / change background color or add pattern if desired.
(Max points: 20pt)

Setup sidebar widgets (Search, Follow, Categories, Archives), create About page with photo and setup site navigation menu (Home, About).
(Max points: 20pt)

Overall aesthetics.
(Max points: 10pt)

Have fun and get creative. This is YOUR space and voice on the internet!